One Boston Place “LEED”s the way to environmentally-safe office buildings.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings (LEED EB), is an environmental benchmark developed by the US Green Building Council to "maximize operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts."

One Boston Place “LEED”s the Way...

In November 2008, One Boston Place was the first building in the world to be recognized with a Gold level of certification under the US Green Building Council's LEED EB: Operations and Maintenance rating system. The award recognizes One Boston Place as the highest rated LEED EB building in the City of Boston. Click here to download a 20 MB PowerPoint entitled "One Boston Place LEEDs The Way."

Our commitment to sustainability can be seen in the following important programs:

Sustainable Sites

Building Exterior & Hardscape Management - One Boston Place has developed an environmentally-sensitive building exterior and hardscape policy that incorporates sustainable best practices for maintenance equipment, snow and ice removal, cleaning of the building exterior, and cleaning of the One Boston Place plaza.

Native Vegetation - The One Boston Place plaza incorporates 100% native and adaptive trees and shrubs. Native vegetation supports a habitat for native wildlife and lowers the need for fertilizer and watering.

Integrated Pest Management, Erosion Control, and Landscape Management - One Boston Place has developed an environmentally-sensitive management plan for the site's natural components that incorporates best practices for the reduction of harmful chemicals, energy waste, water waste, air pollution, solid waste and chemical runoff as compared to standard practices.

Alternative Commuting Transportation - A 2008 survey demonstrated that 88% of One Boston Place tenants commute to the building using alternative transportation. One Boston Place is located within walking distance of four subway lines, two commuter rail hubs and numerous bus stops. The building also offers a bicycle rack that is monitored by CCTV.

Heat Island Reduction: Roof - The main roof of One Boston Place features a highly reflective elastometric coating with a high solar reflectance index (SRI) that helps reduce the building's heat island effect.

Heat Island Reduction: Non-roof - The One Boston Place plaza features granite pavers with a high solar reflectance index (SRI) that helps reduce the building's heat island effect.

Water Efficiency

Indoor Plumbing Fixture Efficiency – Each One Boston Place lavatory features high efficiency faucet aerators that conserve an estimated 1,000,000 gallons of water per year. Each of the women's lavatories feature flushometer handles that allow women to choose between a 1.6 gallon flush (by pressing the handle down) or 1.0 gallon flush (by pressing the handle up.)

Drip Irrigation System - The One Boston Place plaza features a high efficiency drip irrigation system that lowers watering requirements for the property's exterior landscaping.

Cooling Tower Water Management – One Boston Place maintains a comprehensive cooling tower management plan in an effort to lower water use through chemical treatment, bleed-off, and biological controls.

Energy & Atmosphere

EPA ENERGY STAR Program – In 2007, One Boston Place achieved the qualifications to become ENERGY STAR certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Buildings with ENERGY STAR designations typically use 35% less energy than average buildings. Only 25% of US buildings are eligible to apply for the award. One Boston Place has actively participated in the EPA's ENERGY STAR benchmarking program since 2003.

ASHRAE Energy Audit - In 2008 One Boston Place conducted an energy audit in accordance with ASHRAE standards. The audit is designed to identify any energy waste that is associated with base building systems.

Existing Building Recommissioning - In 2008 One Boston Place conducted a comprehensive recommissioning of base building systems in an effort to improve occupant comfort and decrease energy use. This project was partially underwritten by NSTAR in recognition of potential energy savings.

Saturday HVAC "On Demand" – In 2007 One Boston Place introduced demand controlled Saturday HVAC service to avoid using unnecessary electricity in unoccupied tenant spaces. Saturday heating, ventilation and air-conditioning requests may be submitted to the Management Office at least 48 hours in advance.

Refrigerant Management - Ozone Protection - The One Boston Place chiller plant was completely renovated in 2003 and base building systems do not utilize any CFCs or HCFCs.

Building Automation System – Since 1995 One Boston Place has used a comprehensive Building Automation System to monitor and control key building systems such as heating, cooling and ventilation.

Emissions Reduction Reporting - One Boston Place uses the EPA Climate Leaders program to calculate the building's carbon footprint. Since 2002, the building's energy initiatives have reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 67%.

Materials & Resources

Sustainable Purchasing Policy – One Boston Place maintains a comprehensive sustainable purchasing policy for all base building consumables, furniture, electronics and light bulbs.

EPA Procurement Guidelines for Janitorial Paper – One Boston Place utilizes paper towels and toilet paper that meets EPA Procurement Guidelines in regards to their recycled content.

Reduced Mercury in Lamps – One Boston Place has selected a building standard light bulb that uses only 28 Watts of electricity per bulb and contains only a fraction of the mercury that is found in similar bulbs.

Tenant Source Reduction and Recycling Program – One Boston Place recognizes the importance of a comprehensive tenant recycling program:

Each year the One Boston Place recycling program collects over 500,000 pounds of paper and cardboard -- reducing the building's waste stream by nearly 40%. Acceptable materials include copy paper, junk mail, newspapers, magazines, and books; recycling bins are available from the management office at no charge.

One Boston Place collects over 12,000 pounds of aluminum, glass, and plastic beverage containers per year. Acceptable materials include all plastic and glass containers (redeemable or non-redeemable), metal food cans and aluminum/plastic packaging.

In 2008, each floor was outfitted with a toner recycling bin and battery recycling bin. Acceptable batteries include all portable dry-cell batteries, including AA, AAA, B, C, D, 9-Volt and rechargeable batteries such as those used in laptops, cell phones, and cameras. These bins should not be used for lead-acid (wet-cell) batteries.

Upon request, One Boston Place collects and recycles e-waste -- including light bulbs, computers, computer monitors, televisions and batteries. Once collected, these materials are sent to a recycling facility to be reused or recycled.

One Boston Place strongly encourages tenants to donate their used furniture to charity. All freight elevator charges will be waived for any donations made to a recognized charity.

Waste Stream Audit – In 2008, One Boston Place conducted a comprehensive waste stream audit to identify opportunities for increased recycling and waste diversion.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Outdoor Air Introduction & Exhaust Systems – One Boston Place makes use of a comprehensive building automation system to ensure that the building's fresh air supply exceeds the outside air ventilation rate required by ASHRAE 62.1-2007 under all normal operating conditions.

Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control – In compliance with Massachusetts law, One Boston Place is a smoke-free facility. The building also maintains a smoke-free zone within twenty-five feet of building entrances for the safety and comfort of tenants and visitors.

Green Cleaning – Since 2004, UNICCO Service Company has provided LEED-compliant Green Cleaning services to One Boston Place. "Green Cleaning" incorporates certified cleaning products, equipment, processes, training, services and support to ensure healthy buildings without harming the environment.

Air Filtration Media – One Boston Place incorporates air filters that meet or exceed the LEED standard MERV rating for air filtration and helps ensure a reduction of air particulates.

Entryway Systems – One Boston Place makes use of permanently installed entryway mats at all building entrances to reduce the amount of dirt, dust, pollen and other particles entering the building.

Integrated Pest Management – One Boston Place maintains a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management program that has been developed under guidance from the US Green Building Council. By definition, an IPM program controls and prevents pest activity by utilizing sanitation, inspection, structural repair, safe storage practices, mechanical control techniques, non-chemical pesticides and – as a last resort – “least toxic” chemical pesticides applied to a specific targeted area with advanced occupant notification.

Occupant-Controlled Lighting – A 2008 audit revealed that 89% of building occupants have access to their own light switch.

Daylight and Views – A 2008 audit revealed that 55% of building occupants are assigned to workstations that are located within 10 feet of a window.


Tenant Condenser Water Loop - Installed in 2004, the One Boston Place Tenant Condenser Water Loop (TCWL) conserves nearly 10,000,000 gallons of water annually while also reducing tenant supplemental water costs by nearly $100,000 per year.

While supplemental tenant air conditioners have traditionally relied on city water - which is used once before wasting into the sewer - the TCWL incorporates a closed tenant loop to recycle supplemental tenant water through on-site treatment and heat exchange.

One Boston Place Green Office Checklist - One Boston Place offers tenant sustainability guidelines in the form of a checklist that offers suggestions for sustainable purchasing and energy savings.

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